☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

Heeeello everyone!
Did you miss the reviews? ; u ;
Sorry for being less active these days!
Also I have been feeling a little bit ill recently, so I skipped the Halloween party today. orz
I hope my friends will have fun though. I'm looking forward to their photos and stories!
When they return, we will be having a movie night tonight!

Anyway, this time I'm back to post 4 outfit photos here and I will be featuring 4 new items from Sheinside for each of them!
I apologize though, I took some of these photos at night before going out, so the lighting in the are really bad.
So let's start with the first item!
Multicolor Sweater
This works really good at cold days! It is a knit sweater and it will keep you warm, though I wore a second layer just in case! The sweater is kind of short though, so I wanted to wear a high waister skirt with it. That was I was able to move around freely.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Review is coming so stay tuned!
Sweater&Skirt: Sheinside
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Taobao
The next item is a sporty one!
This could be considered long if we compare it with other sweatshirts. However, it is not long enough to wear as a dress. So I think you should definitely wear shorts, pants or a skirt under it if you are going to combine an outfit with this item. The material is cotton, but it is surprisingly warm. Even warmer than the first sweater, to be honest! It looks over-sized on me, but that was what I was going for. It feels warm and cozy!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Review is on the way~!
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Shorts: Local Shop
Shoes: Ebay
I'm a person who gets cold easily, so the next item is meant to keep you warm again, an adorable coat!
It might not be suitable for my city's winter, but I can wear this until it starts getting too cold! ; u ;
The sailor style made me fall in love with it so I don't think I will stop wearing it so soon. The material outside is velvet, so it feels so soft when you touch it. It is kinda long so if you wear a skirt under it, the coat might even look like a dress!
Outfit Rundown
Headband&Socks: Local Shop
Wig&Shoes: Taobao
Coat: Sheinside
Aaaand the last item! A sweatshirt with egg print!
It also has different style choices as well as different color choices so make sure to check them all out before you decide!
Once again, this looks long and oversized on me but I really like my sweaters that way! I think it could be the key to create a cute&baggy look! ; v ;
And I started to like egg print&patterns on clothes a lot recently, so I had to own this item. I don't regret a thing, haha~!
Outfit Rundown
Headband&Socks: Local Shop
Wig: DreamHolic on Etsy
Sweater&Skirt: Sheinside
Shoes: Taobao
Phew~! I think these outfits were all for this review! So how do you like them?
Do you like baggy, warm sweaters like me or do you prefer different clothes in winter?
Let me know in the comments!


☆☆Abhair Short Two Tone Wig Review

Hello hello~! 
How are you?
I'm okay, actually! I've been thinking about the upcoming /small/ holiday and keeping myself happy for now! I will go to my dad's home this weekend, until Wednesday! ; u ;
I really really really really hope they won't give any projects.
god please hear my prayers please
Remember the post which I reviewed a headdress and a lolita blouse?
People have been asking me if I cut the long split of mine in those photos.
Aaaand the answer is no! It is another wig. ; u ;)/
You know my love for split two-color wigs, haha. I couldn't resist it again and got a short split wig from Abhair this time.
Shop Abhair
Use the code "AnzuY15" for a %15 discount!
They have a wide range of wigs to choose from at their website, so make sure to check it out!

About the shipping, then! Since I have moved to the university dormitory, I started receiving my parcels here. This one arrived in about 15 days after I placed the order, but I received it later because it arrived on Friday. And on Fridays I go home, to my mom. ; u ;
But I got it safely on Sunday night, so everything is good!
Inside the parcel, the wig was in it's plastic bag, along with a wig cap!
Receiving wig caps with wigs without ordering them makes me feel like I have found a treasure, haha.
Use the code "AnzuY15" for a %15 discount!
The wig has side swept bangs! Which means, the bangs are really long. You can either use it as in the stock photo or you can cut the bangs according to your face.
I prefer full bangs so I cut it by myself at home with trembling hands.
The result was amazing! ; u ; I really liked how it looked like on me. The wig has thick and silky hair and there aren't any lack of hair, so it actually looked natural despite it's unusual color style.
They blended well with these brown lenses, huh?
I also thought this wig might look nice with a lolita inspired look, so I put the headdress on!
I think the light and brown shades blend together nicely and it doesn't disturb the eye at all.
It can also be styled in pigtails, but I'm not sure if it would look nice from behind, so it was just a try!
What do you think? Do brown shades work well with a lolita inspired style? Or do you prefer colorful wigs over them?
Let me know in the comments, I'm curious about your opinions!


☆☆Michi Michi Rainbow Land Review

Good afternooooon~!
How are you doing today? I hope you are good!
So today I'm back with my second review for Michi Michi Rainbow Land!
Shop Michi Michi Rainbow Land
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
The lovely Teresa had new necklace designs up and she decided to send me them, I was so happy! ;//u//;
The shipping took about 12-15 days to Turkey, which can be considered fast when we think about my parcels from China.
Teresa had packed everything nicely together, so nothing was harmed on the way. I'm so glad, because the Turkish post offices never do a good job on these stuff.

This was how the items looked like when I took them out of their plastic bags.
Can you see the small letter? It was so kind of Teresa, I love it so much, hihi ; v ; <3
I will follow the order and show you all of the photos then!

Alpaca Tights
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
This is how the Alpaca tights looked like when I wore them! The blush on their cheeks were made with a jewelry sticker which I found very cute. It was such a fun design, so I wanted this coordinate to be colorful, but I only focused on the yellow/black contrast. I think it worked well, because the black tights made the yellow "pop" and the cute face of the Alpaca were noticeable.
I am also very happy with the quality. The tights stretch well and they did not get ripped easily. According to your height, they might give a lighter shade of black color as it stretches, though. I am 164 cm and it works fine with me.
It comes in one-size but if you'd like a plus-size item, feel free to contact Teresa via Etsy, and I'm sure you can work it out one way or another.

Outfit Rundown
Wig: Ebay (But Spreepicky sells a very similar one!)
Coat: Sheinside
Tights: Michi Michi Rainbow Land
Shoes: A gift from my mom

The next item is the Luna Necklace!

Luna Necklace
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
Before starting talking about this necklace, I want to tell that Teresa also has an Artemis necklace up in her shop, you can check it from the link above.
This is such an amazing piece! I'm actually not a big fan of accessoires like necklaces and bracelets, but this is so adorable, I couldn't resist wearing it. It was inspired from the anime Sailor Moon and it is a handmade item.
I was very surprised when I heard that it was an handmade item, because it looks very professional and doesn't have any flaws. The colors also match well with the necklace chain.

I wore it with a matching Luna&Artemis tee! What do you think? Do they work well?
If you'd like to know where is this shirt from, please stay tuned, the review will be up soon!

Let's move onto the other necklace!

Glitter Tamagotchi Necklace
This is another original, handmade design of Teresa! I find them very cute, because they give a nostalgia feeling, since they were inspired from the Tamagotchi toys. The Tamagotchi in them looks like it had just pooped and I find it funny, haha~!
They come in 3 different colors; Pink, purple and red.
The color I got was the pink one and it is the most glittery one. So if you're fan of a more girly look, I would recommend the pink color. The color reminds me of Barbie.
I thought these bright colors would work well together, so I combined it with this green pig-tailed wig!

Last but not least, the Totoro purse!

It is a small, cute purse but it might not be suitable if you have a lot of credit cards, student IDs, etc.
However, if you'd like to have your coins in a different coin purse, this purse is ideal! Just make sure not to lose it, since it is really small!
Teresa's shop also has a matching pencilcase with this purse, which is bigger compared to this.
So make sure to check it out if you are a fan of  "My Neighbor Totoro"!
In this photo it is more clear how big it is compared to my hand! ; u ;
I will make sure to use it as a coin purse, I really like small cute stuff like this.
Unfortunately, my review for Michi Michi Rainbow Land is over. I wish I could write more about it!
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount when you shop from Michi Michi Rainbow Land~!
I will try to post more photos with these items anyway!
See you until then, bye bye!