☆☆Himi'Store Review&Giveaway Announcement!

Hello everyone~!
Sorry for being slow with the updates, I'm still getting used to my life at the dorm. Reviews are piling up, but I will manage to do them one by one~!

I'm back with another review for Himi Store! It's been a while since you heard about them, right?
Shop Himi Store
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
This time I got two items from their store and when they are combined, they form a very cute casual outfit~! However the shirt is not available on the store anymore, so I will be reviewing the skirt only.

It's been a while since I got the parcel so I'm not very sure, but I think it too about 20-25 days to arrive at my home. Somehow, all my parcels arrived at the same time that way, I was so surprised!
Anyway, when I opened the package I found the two items I will be reviewing and small cute gifts from Himi! And also a very cute note which made me really excited! I will be saving it in my little box of cute notes. <3
Ok! Let me introduce the skirt first!
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
This is one of the cutest skirts I have ever owned! I really like the red-yellow-white color combinations, I think it looks amazing. Unlike the photo, the skirt has white stripes on the bottom, so please purchase the item knowing that. 
It's actually a short-skirt, and has a short part inside it. I'm more comfortable with these kinds of skirts because I really like sitting on floors, etc. And I really don't want to be paranoid each time I do that.
The straps are detachable, but not adjustable. You can use this item as a normal skirt as well.
Other than that, it looks exactly as it's shown except it actually has white stripes(it's written in the item description so I was aware of that), the colors are vibrant and the embrodiery is very well done.
Outfit Rundown
Glasses: Sheinside
Wig: Dream Holic
Shirt&Skirt: Himi'Store
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Ebay
Oh, I almost forgot!
I will be holding a giveaway for Himi'Store tomorrow on my Tumblr blog, and the prize will be $150 store credit of their new store.
Please stay tuned on my Tumblr for more information!
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See you until then, bye bye~!


☆☆Banggood Shop Review

Hello once again everyone~!
Anzu is back with another review!
Well, actually it was a video review I did before, but I am back with it's new photos this time.
So let's start with the shop's name, in case if you don't remember!

For the shipping and the details about the products, please check out my video here!

And as for the items I got~!
I couldn't take a full-body photo of them, but I did take some photos!
I've been using them for almost a month now and I haven't had any problems with them.
They do get dirty but I just wipe them time to time. It is also very comfortable, so I can walk all the day in my university's campus, I'm really happy I got these shoes because of that. ; u ;
Maybe I will change the shoelaces and create a different look with them!
The other item was this angel-wing backpack!
It can be used both as a backpack and a messenger bag. It also comes with 3 different pairs of wings, so you can use whichever color you want, to make them match with your outfit.
I said that I don't really like backpacks in my video but-
I really need it from now on, so I've been using it as a backpack mostly. I'm really happy with it though, maybe I will try using more backpacks in future!
( I will have to carry some stuff to lessons everyday, ugh-)
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Dream Holic
Jacket&Skirt: Sheinside
Bag: Banggood Shop
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Taobao
Sorry for keeping this review short! I did it because I already reviewed these items in a video before, so I'd be really happy if you could watch the video for the other details such as the shipping, etc.
Thank you for reading my review and see you later!
Bye bye!


☆☆Mart of China Review

Good morning~!
I'm posting this at such an unusual hour, don't know why, haha.
I have some projects for university that I have to work on these days, but I will try to keep my blog updated at the time.
So let's move onto the review for Mart of China!
This time I ordered a pair of shoes and a pair of tights from their site.
Usually big or heavy parcels get stuck in the customs in my country, but I didn't have any problem with this one!
I also received the parcel in about 15-20 days as usual, but I wasn't able to do the review because of my teeth operation, so this is a bit of a delayed review.
The shoes and the tights arrived in the same parcel, and the shoes weren't in a box or anything. But if they were, maybe they would get stuck in the customs, I'm not sure.
They weren't too heavy, so maybe it didn't catch the custom's attention.
The shoes are surprisingly very comfortable! I thought I wouldn't be able to walk in them without tripping but I was wrong. 
They suited my feet perfectly so I was able to move around freely with them. It might look uncomfortable(I mean that's what I thought) but the tip(?) part of it is pretty high as well, allowing it to be more comfortable than the other high heels.
But be sure to check the measurement chart and order the correct size, or you might have some comfort problems.
I combined the shoes with the tights I received from them!
This is a garter type of tights, so you can unclip the bottom part and attach a different kind of socks or tights to the base. I find this very clever, because you can create many different looks using a single item.
Here are my photos!
Sorry about the quality though, I took the photos at the dorm and I was in a hurry!
I'm not sure I will be able to wear this in the university though, I'm still scared of tripping and falling on my face since the paths aren't really suited for this kind of a shoe!
I think this review ends here.
(It was really short compared to my other reviews, right!?)
I will be heading to the classes now! So see you in my next post, okay?
Bye bye for now!

☆☆UNIQSO Dolly Eye Bubble Grey&Purple Wig Review

Good afternoon~!
I'm back from the classes and oh-
Everything is so different compared to high school, yet I still don't feel like an university student!
I'm still trying to grasp the system and some rules of our classes, I hope I will be able to learn them without embarrassing myself.
Today I'm going to review a wig and new lenses from Uniqso!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I will be reviewing a pair of grey lenses and a purple wig!
Let's see the lenses first.
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
So according to the stock photos, these lenses seemed a bit transparent to me. I thought maybe they would blend well with my light colored eyes, so I ordered them.
However, they blended a bit too well, haha.
 The grey part ended up concealing natural darker-color rim of my eyes, but had no noticeable color change. But indoors, they looked a bit more dark-ish grey.
I can't really tell how they would look like on darker eyes, but you can check the photo on the item link for reference.
As for the enlargement, again, I didn't notice a dramatic size change. ; w ; 
These lenses seem very natural.
But as in comfort I give it a 5/5! These lenses could be the most comfortable lenses I have ever used!
Oh, and if you want to know the top lashes I'm wearing, check out them here~!
For the eyelash glue, I use this one from Uniqso. It lasts long and holds the lashes together really well. As long as you keep it shut nicely, it won't dry inside the little bottle.
Alright, let's move onto this awesome wig!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I think this is the best wig I have received from Uniqso, so far. And one of my favorite wigs from now on!
It doesn't tangle easily and when it does, I just brush it gently until it is untangled. Also, I usually braid my long wigs before storing them.
The bangs arrived as in the photo, but they were still too long for me, so I trimmed them a little until I was satisfied.
Other than that, I really like that it has a mixture of light purple, dark purple and black fibers. That was it looks a lot more natural and I was able to wear it outside even without wearing any makeup, hoho~
Ofcourse, I am wearing a lot of makeup in these photos.
I even used purple shadow under my eyes, so that I could HIDE my real dark circles better. 8)
Aaaand a different style with the same wig, twin tails!
And yes, this is the dorm I'm staying at. ; u ;
This is all for this review!
Please don't hesitate to write your questions in the comments if I forgot to mention something.
See you later and bye!